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A major part of our lives goes into earning money and providing for near and dear ones. We seek insurance against events such as illness or accidents to ensure our income is safeguarded against unforeseen circumstances. In spite of such measures, there are times when we suffer losses or major financial reverses even when we have put in our best efforts and planned for contingency.

Yet, most people still seem to live and prefer to suffer in a world that doesn’t believe in the divine intervention of astrology. They don’t realize how beneficial astrology can prove for tackling fiscal problems and helping you make better investments and create sustainable wealth.

Money-related emergencies tend to hit each one of us in our lifetimes. There are several Do It Yourself (DIY) remedies in astrology for resolving money-related problems (astrology remedies for money related issues) that one can try to get rid of financial woes. At the end of the day, it is our Karma that is responsible for the consequences we face. We all believe that everybody gets what he or she deserves. This is true, but it is equally worthwhile how a person deals with it and chooses to bounce back, that too with a bang!

If you are having any financial problems in your life or suffering from a money crunch, before making any decision involving monetary transactions you should first check your horoscope to find out what is the reason behind the setback. This will help you find a lasting solution that can tackle the reason which is responsible for the mess in your financial condition. If it is still not helping, and your problems don’t seem to go away, then these easy remedies can help you with your financial problems for good.

There are various proven financial remedies that can not only minimize the effect of your financial troubles but also eliminate them successfully. However, it is also a fact that following such remedies might not assure success until and unless you work hard. Success is always a mix of hard work and fortune. Make sure you have both the ingredients to create the recipe for the lasting financial security you desire.

Some financial remedies

  1. Place the locker or the cabinet in which you keep money in the South or South-West corner of the house. North is the route for Lord Kuber, the god of wealth. Opening the locker in this direction ensures it is stocked with money.
  2. Saturn can also trigger financial woes. You can appease Saturn by chanting to it. By praying to it regularly you can ward off financial troubles in your life.
  3. To let the wealth come in, put a mirror in front of the locker so that it reflects the vision of the locker.
  4. Never take anything for free, nor offer any of your talents without a price tag. Ensure money as payment is acquired in some measure.
  5. Money earned through wrong deeds will never remain. Remember this while making any deal.
  6. Install a picture of the almighty Maha Lakshmi at your place of worship and pray twice a day. Seek her blessings for happiness in your life.
  7. Try to donate a share of your income every month to charity. This will help you earn the blessing of Goddess Lakshmi.
  8. Treat women in the house with the highest regard. They are the manifestation of Goddess Lakshmi.
  9. Keep Kuber Yantra on a piece of red cloth at the place you worship when offering prayers.
  10. Plant a Tulsi (Basil tree) in your house and light a ghee-filled Diya (earthen lamp) close to it every day. Goddess Lakshmi will favor you with prosperity.
  11. Donate in ‘white’ to get the blessings of the Goddess of Wealth.


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